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Halloween Party Ideas 2022

Fall is here and it finally doesn't hurt to exist outside. You know what that means... Spooky Season is right around the corner. And we're big fans of Spooky Season 🎃

Whether you're looking for a Disney style "Not-so-Scary Halloween Party" or something a little bit more of a... Rocky Horror Picture show theme? Yes please!

We've done birthday parties with delicious halloween themed appetizers and snacks with some absolutely beautiful decor.

Our Balloon Artists are really talented too. We made BALLOON. POISON. APPLES. surrounded by little balloon skulls. And it's soooo good. See some of the photos below.

Last year was a big hit in Franklinton when we set up Disney Villain Halloween Themed ballon installations. See if you can figure out which villain is represented in the balloons! It was such a fun event, and Disney themed decor has only grown in interest this year. Two of us even dressed up as Gaston and Cruella Deville!

We're definitely bringing back our big black widow balloon this year. She looked really cute in all the corners of the room. Honestly, we recommend all of our Halloween balloons for your events this October. We have plenty of interesting palettes to explore and get ideas from. Bright neon orange, green and black balloons. We have some pretty elegant themes as well, with burnt orange balloons, pattern balloons with skeletons and webs, and a pop of blue. All of it makes it so easy to blend in with a variety of different Halloween styles for your event.

If you want our BEST suggestion for Halloween themed events this year though, you can't get better than Halloween flipped on its head! Just check out our rainbow Halloween installation below. It looks amazing and it was even more fun to set up! The skeleton balloons glow in the dark too. They're really cool.

If you want more ideas, check out our Instagram account, or reach out to us directly! We'd love to help you envision your next spooky celebration!

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