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How to host the best Valentine's Day Dinner Party

Y'all, it's almost time Valentine's Day! I still remember the steak hibachi we made last year 🤤 You're not here for cooking tips though so let's get to the party planning!

Just like a really good meal, there's a lot that goes into a dinner party beyond just how it looks. I mean... that being said, there's a lot that goes into how it looks too. That's our favorite part! There is a method to the madness though. Guest experience is the number one priority of any event. It's when each and every guest feels considered and special. From the food all the way to the beautiful decor that brings the vibe.

Since we're on the subject of food, let's talk about that! Just purely in logistics we need to think about how everyone is going from hungry to fed. We know a lot of great caterers in the area if you want recommendations for a large group. If you're doing something smaller or more casual, just keep in mind where guests are probably going to walk to serve themselves and then sit down to make sure there aren't any congestion points. A cool perk of a linear flow like this is that you can design around how you know your guests will first see decor! Those "reveal" moments are what I live for in this industry. ❤️

From there, as long as we're not interfering with the purely functional parts of the party, we now can go bananas in decor!

What kind of lighting are we going for? Something light and soft, or a low-lit posh gathering? Nothing quite beats natural candle light in either scenario. Your color palette is just as important too. With the standard Valentine's Day colors being things like lilac, blush, red, and white. We're big fans of breaking the status quo though.

Definitely let us know if you want some beautiful fresh flowers. Our florist team is nationally certified and amazingly talented.

If you need things to rent, we have tapered and votive candles. Tea lights too! This is where we'd write about our balloons services, but I think they speak for themselves. We're a one-stop shop. Let us know if we can help!

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