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How to plan a Disney themed party in 2023

Hi Disney fan! If you're looking for tips, tricks and how-tos for planning a theme party based around our favorite mouse and his many friends, look no further! We have studied and analyzed everything from Snow White, to WALL-E, to Frozen hundreds of times... and also because they're my favorite and you can't judge me. So let's get to party planning!

Current Trends

It's early 2023 and the 50th Anniversary Celebration is coming to a close. That's not the only news from the big mouse though. Did someone say... 100th Anniversary Celebration? And no that's not a joke or bad math! The 50th celebration is the celebration of 50 years since the opening of The Most Magical Place on Earth. Disney as a company, however, was founded in the year 1923. Exactly 100 years ago! Wow does time fly.

The color palette of the 50th was a lot of fun. Iridescence, purple and blue hues with gold accents to create a delicious, elegant display. I feel like everything looked like a fancy cake! Absolutely loved it.

For the 100th anniversary, we're looking at a celebration of Disney from beginning to today! We're already seeing a lot of classic designs composed together. Pieces like park maps, ride posters, tickets and more. Talk about throwbacks! It's like getting a huge dose of nostalgia in a big collage.

The color palette, from what we know now, is composed of periwinkle, black and platinum. I really love that periwinkle color, so I'm glad they are bringing it back from the 50th! That platinum and black looks especially good alongside it. It definitely has a sort of luxury feel to it.

Overall it's looking like a very boujee, old Hollywood look, with glamorous modern accents. I'm really excited.

Classic Trends

I mean, if we're celebrating the years of Disney, it's kind of hard to go wrong. Black, red, white and gold is always available for that really classic Mickey look. But we're also talking every single IP Disney has developed over its life! Bring on the Tiana birthday parties, Rapunzel graduation parties, and Encanto baby showers.

We had a Disney themed wedding last year that incorporated elements of all of the Magic Kingdom rides. It was so much fun to put together and it turned out fantastic.

2023 is really the year to go all out with all your favorites. We're really looking forward to the Dumbo and Pocahontas parties we have coming up!

Getting it All Together

Honestly, from here on your general party planning checklists and budgeters will work for you. TLDR: 30% budget to food, 30% venue, 30% decor and entertainment with 10% wiggle budget. Hosting very large parties (or weddings) at your own house will usually be just as expensive as renting a venue since you are paying for the service to come to you, plus rentals, utilities, liability, etc.

If you'd like some help with that part, just let us know. We're a one-stop shop. It's what we do!

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