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Mercantile On Mason Grand Opening

Congratulations to our friends and partners, Chris and Christian, at A Prideful Place for their fabulous grand opening! As of September 18th, the Mercantile on Main store is open and welcome to everyone! The grand opening was a huge hit. The entire building was decorated inside and out with elegant balloon displays. We had Elsa, the white adult sized bounce house, entertaining all of our guests throughout the day. Did I mention the fantastic live music and slow-cooked pork catering? It was amazing!

If you haven't heard of the Mercantile before, our partner store is the perfect place to shop for homegoods, decor, and locally crafted artisan products. You can find everything from hand-carved wooden furnishings to unique and beautiful signs. There is always something new to shop for. The Mercantile is the perfect place to shop for gifts for friends and family. You can even order online if the store is far away. Y'all means all, so stop by and say hello!

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