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What is the best way to do party rentals?

When you're planning an event for a lot of people, you tend to need a lot of furniture. Or maybe you have a fun theme in mind and want to rent some fun extra things for a day. There could be tables to consider, chair rentals, table settings, decor, and more. It can be a lot and there are a lot of rental companies out there that all do things a little differently. Whether you're new to big events, or a seasoned veteran, you might be thinking, "okay. Now what is the best possible way I can setup this event?"

This is important. And this isn't me trying to sell you on us.

DEFINITELY hire a company that sets up parties for you.

Seriously. Setting up an event can be draining (or even infeasible depending on the scale) and leave you sweaty when you should be getting ready! The chance of injury is not worth it at all either.

Hiring some extra hands has plenty of perks as well. Being drunk and tired at the end of the day, having to clean up all the rentals and figure out how you're going to return them sounds like pure pain. Some companies even offer design consultation as well, so that you have all the help you need picking the right table rentals, bounce house rentals and more for your specially themed event. Okay, that time I was selling you on us. We're a team of designers. We also have rentals. We also do setup and teardown. We work with other nearby rental companies as well and manage all of the sourcing and headache for you. It's a lot of work. Work that you don't have to do!

If you can afford it and even if you don't end up going with us, or we're unavailable, PLEASE save yourself the trouble. By the time you're halfway setting up the chairs and you pull something, it might be too late. Healing injuries is unfortunately a service we do not provide.

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