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Wild One Party

Safari Themed First Birthday Party

Huge thanks to the wonderful family that let our talented Soirée team plan out their child's first birthday party. With such a fun animal theme, we had a blast setting up every display to fill Cross+Main.

Table Settings, Bounce House, Floral Centerpieces and more!

We truly went all-out on this event. Thanks to the help of Alpha-Lit and their stunning marquee letters, we were able to set up an outstanding ballon wall piece, decorated with pompous grass, lanterns and beautiful glass demijohns.

Our white adult bounce house, Elsa, made her appearance yet again to entertain the whole crowd. She even has a few friends with her this time around! Inflatable elephants, giraffes, lions and more. Roar! Just look at that mind blowing garland too. Wow!

Complete Table Settings to WOW Your Guests

We spent many hours designing the perfect Thank You place card to show just how important our family's guests are to them. Add in color themed flatware, unique palm plates, elegant candles and outstanding floral bouquets and you have an event that your guests will never forget.

Every Last Touch

What better way to transport your guests right into the Safari than with a beautiful themed custom welcome sign. Decorated with animal print balloon garlands and floral swag to complete the look.

Everything you see is something we can bring to you for your next wild party. We can wait to celebrate with this family again! We had such a great time decorating for y'all. Until next time!

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