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  • FAQ | Soirée

    What type of parties and events do you provide services for? Everything! Seriously. We provide event design services for birthday parties, grand openings, bridal showers, baby showers, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, corporate events, holiday celebrations, pool parties and more. Our nationally certified florists and planners have decades of experience in wedding celebrations. We also have an arsenal of balloons and rentals for just about any theme you can think of. Throwing a stylish boho cocktail party? We have some beautiful table settings and rattan chairs. Need something for a Superbowl party? We have football decor to get excited about. How much do you charge for certain services? While every event is very unique try to list as many direct prices as we can. Our FAQ includes details about balloon costs. Many of our rentals have the prices listed on their individual rental pages. For everything else, check out our Packages pages. We're more than happy to make adjustments to a package for your event and it can be used as a great starting point. How much does a balloon arch cost? TLDR: Anywhere from $25-$60 per foot Like any highly customized service, the cost of a balloon arch is dependent on many different factors: Size, length and complexity of the garland Variation of individual balloon colors and sizes Quality of the balloons Use of special material latex balloons (like chrome, pearl, printed, agate, etc.) Seasonal price changes (some balloons are harder to find and more expensive to order, like orange and black balloons in October) Any addons, like faux flowers or mylar balloons With all that in mind, balloon arches can cost anywhere from $200 to $2,000+. But don't worry about the list above. A seasoned balloon artist will work with you and your budget so that you feel excited about both your new garland and the price without the headache! We can make anything beautiful with what matters most to you. I bought my own balloons, can you help me set them up? Unfortunately, no. At Soirée, we use professional premium balloons that we know can withstand the strains that a balloon installation demands. That being said, if you have specially ordered balloons that you just need helium for in addition to other event work, we can definitely help with that! How long do balloon arches last? We use professional quality balloons. If cared for indoors, balloon arches will last months. I have some set up in my house that still look good-as-new two months later. Balloons exposed to the elements, however, may only last a few days since the latex will degrade more quickly. How far in advance should I order a balloon installation? Our fast teams can work around your busy schedule but Weekend availability books fast. We recommend booking a few months in advance to make sure there is an open spot for your day. How far in advance should I book a florist? Most florists are booked within 6-8 months in advance of a wedding, but it's never too late to ask! Our team of professionals are exceptional in an emergency. Who makes balloon arches? We do! Our team is composed of professional and talented balloon artists that can make elegant balloon arches just for you.

  • About Us | Soirée

    Our Team. Our team is made up of industry experts who have decades of experience. Everything from certified florists and balloon artists to certified planners and professional designers. Emma Riegel Event Producer Creative Director Christopher Pannesi-Fessler Event Producer Floral Director Anne Flannigan Catering Manager Christian Pannesi-Fessler Business Manager Hugh Riegel Software Manager Lady Riegel Soirée Mascot

  • Agreement | Soirée

    Service Agreement Terms Our Promise Soirée Weddings and Events (hereinafter referred to as COMPANY) will provide and fulfill the services specified in the customers (hereinafter referred to as CLIENT) accepted estimate for their event (hereinafter referred to as EVENT.) ​ Payment All deposits for services (max. 20% of total), unless otherwise noted, must be submitted with the agreement of this contract and/or estimate. By making your deposit, you acknowledge and accept the terms of this agreement. This deposit is non-refundable and is deducted from the invoice total for the event. Deposits are used to secure your event on the agreed upon date(s). We accept all major credit/debit cards, and cash for deposit and invoice payments. Any remaining balance due on your invoice, must be paid in full 30 days prior to event. Failure to pay the remaining balance will result in the cancellation of the agreement and services will not be rendered, unless otherwise notated. If Soirée Weddings and Events and client, determines that services may still be completed past the due date, a 10% late fee may be added to the remaining balance. ​ Cancellations & Refunds Cancellations made less than 30 days prior to the event will automatically forfeit any and all payments made towards the invoice.* To avoid cancellations, we will allow events to be rescheduled no later than 90 days after the original event date, however a 5% reschedule fee may be incurred to allow adjustments to any previous outside vendor orders. No refunds will be offered or honored for completed services. Client will be assumed to have accepted goods and services rendered unconditionally at time of service. *Unless otherwise agreed or arranged. ​ Changes & Substitutions Soirée Weddings and Events reserves the right to make substitutions in the event that the flowers, equipment, and/or decor received are not of suitable quality for the event. The agreed color scheme, look and feel will be maintained for any changes and will not affect the services for the event. ​ Rentals - Safety Soirée Weddings and Events's units and equipment is reliable and safe thanks to our customers. Should unit begin to deflate, check the following troubleshooting steps: The motor has stopped running. Check the cord connection at the outlet near motor and ensure to only use the included power cord. The motor is running but unit continues to deflate. Check the air intake on the side of the motor for blockage, ensure intake tubes are attached and re-tie if necessary. Be sure to look for any cracks or damages inside of inflatables. ​ Rules & Guidelines: Only compatible age groups and size shall play in the unit at the same time. All riders must remove their shoes before entering the unit. To avoid neck and back injuries, flips are not allowed. Children’s safety depends on you. Adult supervision is required for the entirety of the rental term. Operator must be at least 18 years old and present at all times. As the Lessee of the unit, the safety of all riders is your responsibility. There is absolutely no gum, candy, drinks, food, “silly string” or other sticky substances allowed in the unit. Do not move the unit from the place where it was installed once inflated. If the unit moves, pull the corner back to its original location. The unit must stay away from swimming pools. No pets inside the unit. ​ Rentals - Care & Usage Any and/or all rental items for the event, will be returned in the same condition within 48 hours of the completion of the event. Returns later than 48 hours, will incur an additional 20% fee of the rental item cost. If the rental items are not returned after 7 days, are damaged, broken, or not in its original condition, the customer will be immediately responsible for the full retail price of the rental item including taxes and shipping. Soirée Weddings and Events is not responsible for item pick up and all returns will be delivered by the customer, unless otherwise notated. Lessee acknowledges that he/she has been instructed about and fully understands the safe operation of the unit and agrees to observe all safety precautions. Lessee agrees to keep the unit in the same condition as when received. If unit is returned in unsatisfactory condition or is damaged, lessee will be responsible to pay a damages fee in the amount of $1500 for the replacement of unit. ​ Liability The Lessee shall be in charge of the unit’s operation, and is fully responsible for operation after receiving unit. Soirée Weddings and Events, or its parent company A Prideful Place LLC, is not responsible for any injuries and/or accidental death occurring to Lessee or to any persons using the leased property. Lessee further agrees to hold Lessor free and harmless against any claims; and further, Lessor shall be indemnified for any and all costs incurred due to claim from anyone; including court costs and attorney fees; and other related costs involving the use of this leased equipment. Lessee will furnish or provide their own liability insurance (if required for their purposes.) Lessee is responsible for the replacement value of a new unit in the event of theft, vandalism, fire, destruction, weather damage or random act of God or any act which may damage or destroy the leased property. ​ Delivery, Setup & Removal Soirée Weddings and Events is limited by the rules and guidelines of the location(s) and venue site management. Negotiations with outside vendors and venues is the responsibility of the customer; especially if special accommodations must be made in order to complete the agreed upon services. Reimbursements will not be made for unused or damaged items following guidelines from other vendors and/or venue management. ​ Final Terms Following the time of the initial deposit, adjustments will still be honored to the agreed services NO LATER than 60 days prior to the event. Soirée Weddings and Events reserves the right to cancel this contract at any time and for any reason if the company feels that the obligations bound to this agreement cannot be met. In the event of fire, natural disaster, tragedy, or other emergency, Soirée Weddings and Events will credit the amount of any payments toward another day, minus any actual costs incurred up to that point. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract, or the breach thereof, shall be settled by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with the laws of the State of North Carolina.

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Blog Posts (9)

  • What is the best way to do party rentals?

    When you're planning an event for a lot of people, you tend to need a lot of furniture. Or maybe you have a fun theme in mind and want to rent some fun extra things for a day. There could be tables to consider, chair rentals, table settings, decor, and more. It can be a lot and there are a lot of rental companies out there that all do things a little differently. Whether you're new to big events, or a seasoned veteran, you might be thinking, "okay. Now what is the best possible way I can setup this event?" This is important. And this isn't me trying to sell you on us. DEFINITELY hire a company that sets up parties for you. Seriously. Setting up an event can be draining (or even infeasible depending on the scale) and leave you sweaty when you should be getting ready! The chance of injury is not worth it at all either. Hiring some extra hands has plenty of perks as well. Being drunk and tired at the end of the day, having to clean up all the rentals and figure out how you're going to return them sounds like pure pain. Some companies even offer design consultation as well, so that you have all the help you need picking the right table rentals, bounce house rentals and more for your specially themed event. Okay, that time I was selling you on us. We're a team of designers. We also have rentals. We also do setup and teardown. We work with other nearby rental companies as well and manage all of the sourcing and headache for you. It's a lot of work. Work that you don't have to do! If you can afford it and even if you don't end up going with us, or we're unavailable, PLEASE save yourself the trouble. By the time you're halfway setting up the chairs and you pull something, it might be too late. Healing injuries is unfortunately a service we do not provide.

  • Champagne Inspired Fête

    We just got our photos back from our absolutely stunning wedding reception at Cross + Main. As I'm sure you can guess from the photos, we did the floral thing... like a lot. The satin blue table linens looked fabulous between the abundant greenery and opulent blush flowers. The blue glass demijohns really nailed the bride's dream wedding as well. Overall, the guests were blown away. It really felt like you stepped into a vineyard dreamland. Included in the table settings were ornate chargers, beautiful custom menus and personalized place cards to show the guests how much their presence was appreciated. Everyone felt special that day. The tables were decorated with tall lofted floral pieces with more of that lush greenery, blush florals and matching blue detail flowers as well. We really went ham with the flowers. You should have seen the table runner florals with gorgeous vintage tapered candles and votives scattered about. Throw in some matching blue napkins with silver flatware and you've got a seamless, breathtaking reception space. Oh. My. God. The dessert table. We brought the Pittsburgh cookie table to a new level. There were so many delicious options, all of them gone by the end of the night. My favorite were the macaroons the bride was generous to share with us. I still dream of that table. The sweetheart table was something else too. Soft velvet grey chairs and etherial bud vases behind a row of florals made for such a gorgeous scene. And yes, the bride cried when she saw it. Custom welcome signs, stunning floral chandeliers and a bouquet to make friends jealous. What more could you want? We only wish we could do it all again... and maybe we will! Thanks again to the bride and groom. We love you all!

  • Whimsical Purple Wedding Reception

    It was a beautiful Saturday evening at Leslie-Alford-Mims House when our wonderful friends celebrated their union with family from all over the globe. With ornate table settings and a welcoming violet color palette, guests were ready to dine and party until the sun went down. We couldn't imagine a more perfect picture. The vibrant flowers and lively entertainment made for a truly energetic night. The adult sized white bounce house with a slide, Anna, was a huge hit as well. It certainly gave the parents a chance to relax. But I would be lying if I said that it was only kids having fun in the bounce house. Even the bride and groom couldn't resist jumping around! It truly was a magical night. Thanks again Leslie-Alford-Mims House! We'll be back real soon.

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